A.M.A Charter 2458
Gold Leader Club
Coordinates Latitude 33 39.579 N Longitude 116
06.450 W
The history of the CVRCC from 1938 till 2002 is available in the Adobe
Acrobat document:
CVRCC History
If you are a club member and have not been receiving newsletters and other club
emails, please send an email to me with your name, address and phone at
( This is needed to correct errors in the CVRC club roster.
Lets kick up a little DUST
For those glider and sailplane enthusiast, the DUST Club might be of interest to you.
Web site will be updated soon to provide information about membership and other
pertinent information.
Dust Club
Adopted by the Board Of Directors on September 24th 2015

Coachella Valley Radio Control Club (CVRCCLUB) does not and shall not
discriminate, or condone use of racial slurs against any race, color, religion
disability, marital status, sexual orientation, or military status, in any of its
activities or operations. We are committed to providing an inclusive and
welcoming environment for all members, guests, clients, volunteers,
subcontractors, and vendors.
Support our local Hobby Shop
Partners with the Desert
Recreation District
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