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Recently I bought a lot of items from a friend of mines son.  The friend is currently in a rest home.  I have many
items Mostly are for giant scale planes.

The list is quite long and includes large and small starters,wheels,props,balsa wood, two DX7 transmitters and
relievers ,i have about 8 AR7000 receivers for spectrum. The list includes 3 SAITO engines off various sizes
.14cc and 20cc.Gas . A 20 cc Zenoah ,two G62 engines an 80 cc Evolution. Two 10 meter rolls of SOLARTEX. I
have a 10ft wing span Cessna twin boom with a G62 up front and a 40 Evolution in the rear it is new never
flown.The list includes WW1 stuff. Pilots figures. machine guns, wheels etc..

I also have a ton of various screws and washers etc etc. They are free  The rest of the items are very ,very

My cell number is 951 443 8155  I live in Beaumont. I am retired so I can meet people most any time.