Hello world!

Welcome to this Blog. I am hoping to share with you things that I am learning and experiencing as a member of the cvrcclub, and this incredible hobby. My first adventure is with my new Tiger Moth.

I was out at the flying field about a month ago, and watched two of our club members flying these quarter scale biplanes, and I was in awe. They had such grace, and the two of them in the air at the same time was just incredible. I have never owned a large scale airplane, partly due to the cost. Talking with the guys at the field, I came to find out that the price of this kit had been reduced by almost 50%, and this got my attention. I thought why not, this is a great opportunity to get into a large plane.

This was a Sunday, so when I got home, I went on line, and ordered my new plane. I knew that I would need an engine, along with a few other items, but figured it was going to be a week or better before the plane arrived. My thinking was that this was a good thing, as it would give me time to break the news to my wife that I had just made this purchase. I knew that this one couldn’t be quietly slipped into the garage, and just somehow become part of the existing collection. This one was going to stand out. Well to my shock and disbelief, the ‘Big Brown Hobby Truck” as one of our members refers to the UPS truck, arrived Tuesday morning with a LARGE box. Now I am sitting here, thinking how am I going to tell the wife?

Well I have to say that I am very lucky, and when my wife got home that evening, I enthusiastically exclaimed to my wife…”Look Honey, Look what I got”. She just shook her head and said “That’s nice”. So now with out having to worry that she would some how come across this in the garage, I was able to lay it out on the work bench and start the assembly process. Stay tuned for more of the adventure with the new Tiger Moth…