Club Calendar
Activities 2017/18
A.M.A Charter 2458
Gold leader club

Use the consolidated calender below for events through the summer months.......
October 28th 2017: clean up day at 2:30pm
October 28th 2017: night flying arrive about 5:30pm

Saturday November 4th 2017: TopFun event.....see Flyer ~
TopFun Event

December 2nd 2017: Aero Tow

December 3rd 2017: TOYS FOR TOTS and FUN FLY, Badge Day(membership) paintball shoot

January 13, & 14th 2018: Warbird Event ~
Warbirds 2018

February 16, 17 & 18th 2018: Coachella Jet Jam...see Flyer ~ JetJam

March 3rd and 4th 2018: IMAC
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