Club videographer, George Muir, has set up a special website containing photographs and videos of club activities. Visit at

Visit our club photo album for great photos from our events and activities!

Professional photographer, Rugspin Graphix, photographed our 2017 Top Fun event.  Shop their photos here


John Cunningham was awarded a plaque for his hard work and dedication to our club.  The plaque was awarded during our 2018  Desert Warbird  Event.

Professional drone videographer, David Medore came out to our 2018 Warbird Event.  He shot a great video with his drone.

Done by club member George Krueger, the Northrop P-61 RC model flown by club member Rob Sawyer at our flying field.

Kitty Alvarado from KMIR television came out and covered our Warbird 2018 event on Saturday January 13, 2018.  This is the footage that was aired on KMIR.